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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Business Card Printing – Self-printing Vs. Commercial Printing

There is no other advertising expense better spent than the money you spend on a business card. You never know how far your business card may travel. It could generate business on the other side f the country! Your business card represents what your business is all about. It sends a powerful message about the quality of your work or your product.

Knowing this, let’s discuss the differences between printing your business card with a laser or inkjet printer versus going to a commercial printer to have the job done.

There is only one type of business card that has any potential for looking professional on a laser or inkjet printer—a business card printed on glossy paper. With inkjet printers, you have to be concerned about the ink running if the card gets wet, so it really isn’t a quality business card. The first impression might be good, but you don’t know how long that impression will last.

 In addition, when you print your own business cards, you have to consider the cost of the ink or toner as well. Usually, after crunching the numbers, a commercial printer makes the most sense.

When you hire a commercial printer, you open the door to almost infinite design opportunities. You don’t have to worry about inks that run, though you do still need to be concerned about quality.

If you want to include more information about your business, you can use one of the folding cards. This gives you the opportunity to have a message front, back and inside. This trend has become more popular, so odds are good that your card will be read inside and out.

Other options available from a commercial printer such as cut outs and rounded corners just aren’t available if you print your own cards. These are elements that can add distinction to your cards.

Another advantage of working with a commercial printer is the fact that you don’t have to be a creative person. That’s what commercial printers like The Print Center specialize in. They can help you choose a layout, choose font styles, etc. that make your business card printing look professional and sharp.

If you are the creative type, don’t worry. You can design your own business card and logo, then carry it to the printer. Usually all you need is a PDF file, though some printers are also able to work with Word and Publisher as well.

As long as you turn to a commercial printer who stands behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you won’t regret printing your business cards professionally. The slightly raised ink on a commercially printed business card will instantly send the message that your business doesn’t cut corners. That’s a message you definitely want to deliver!

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